HTA in the Environment

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As the largest dedicated owner of medical office buildings in the country it is important for us to take action to help preserve and protect our planet. We are always putting innovative solutions in place throughout our portfolio to do our part to protect the environment.

Eskenazi Administration Building

HTA’s Eskenazi Administration Building in Indianapolis is celebrating three year’s being LEED Gold Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Eskenazi was among the first and largest new hospital campuses in the United States and first in the state to achieve this recognition. November 2015.

Earth Day

Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. is making strides toward a greener future by reducing consumption and waste by upgrading our properties with LED lights. LED lights are energy-efficient, have more longevity than standard bulbs, are more reliable and produce a lower level of heat when in use. LED lights will allow HTA properties to use less energy consumption and reduce the footprint we are leaving on the world. LED light bulbs are also better for employees as they emit a softer light, allowing employees to work efficiently as the risk of straining eyes and headaches is significantly reduced. Since HTA is the largest dedicated owner of medical office buildings across the U.S. with nearly 450 buildings, we can make a significant impact by changing to eco-friendly alternatives. April 22, 2018.

SRP Nomination

Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. (HTA) purchased a series of buildings in the Central Phoenix and East Valley areas in the middle of 2017. After the purchase, there was an assessment made of what HTA could do to lower operating cost of the buildings, totaling 209,898 SF. HTA immediately noticed most of the buildings did not have a building automation system to allow the HVAC to reduce its usage at night. In addition, most of the lighting was outdated and ran for longer periods than needed which was wasting a significant amount of energy. After careful planning from the engineering department at HTA and coordinating with SRP, HTA completed four projects to better control its buildings and to lower its carbon footprint in the medical office building space. HTA’s biggest energy saving project in the Arizona market this year was in HTA owned Ahwatukee Foothills building, where water sourced heat pump building ran 24/7 at 100% capacity. HTA’s engineering department designed a plan and submitted it to a local building automation vendor (MPBAS) and SRP to control the scheduling, speed of fans and pumps of the central plant, control the outside lighting and exhaust fans. The result was better comfort control for the tenants, less wear and tear on the equipment, lower energy bills, less driving for the building engineer since the adjustments could be made remotely and developing a better relationship with SRP outside of just paying the bill. Another energy saving initiative HTA completed this year was upgrading the lighting on the outdoor and covered parking fixtures at an HTA owned building in Chandler. In addition, a lighting project at an HTA owned building in Gilbert included the installation of all LED, diming light fixtures in the common areas and parking lot lighting that dims down to an acceptable level until there is motion. This upgrade was key because of the residential community behind the building. HTA wanted to be thoughtful of the safety of the property while not disturbing the residential community with unnecessary, bright lighting. HTA will continue to look at buildings to upgrade their automation systems, lighting, sub-metering and possible solar. Not only do these upgrades work out very well and look great, they also lower energy use and reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.